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3630 Telegraph Ave., Oakland

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A Gathering of strange artists in a former mortuary.

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Built in 1930, the old Mosswood Chapel is home to Unkle Morty's and UMA Gallery, featuring odd and unusual art, classes,
performances, talks and events.


Market of the Beast at Unkle Morty's Sept 24, 2023

Sept 24th  12 - 6pm

Oakland Market of The Beast 


Sep 24, 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT

Oakland, 3630 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609, USA

A traveling dark art market for the weird, wild, and occult. Bring you all the spooky arts handmade by peculiar artists. There will be oddities, curiosities, divination tools, illustrations, jewelry, apparel, home decor and more!

Art Credit: Mary Syring

October 14th    

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Come one, come all to The Blunt Letters live show! Our first live show will bring together Micaela, Elle, and Sean (from Bleed With Me) to host an evening of spooky delights! Join Elle and Micaela for a conversation with Amber Dee, an apprentice embalmer, as we ask her what it's like to care for the recently deceased.  Then stick around for a special film screening MST3000 style with live commentary from the hilarious Bleed With Me duo: Micaela and Sean! Plus, enter the legendary Blunt Letter's raffle for amazing prizes!
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